Flight Process

Your Flight Process

When a family is dealing with a severe medical condition, a family only wants what’s best for the loved one. Getting the special care for your loved one requires a great team to focus on your care. At BestCare Air, we know how to successfully complete your medical transportation with proficiency and compassion.

We believe taking care of the patient and your family comes first. From the time you choose BestCare Air, we immediately begin the flight process and arrange every aspect of your medical transition. What you can expect:

We’re here to help you every step of the way
1. Schedule Flight with Specialists

We will coordinate your care as a Bed – to – Bed Service. This means we will coordinate all travel and medical care from your current location to destination. Every detail for your ground and air ambulance care is planned and implemented.

2. Synchronizing Your Care

We will work with the hospital staff to get all medication and equipment necessary for your care. We will coordinate with the receiving facility to make sure everyone is aware of the itinerary.

3. Itinerary & Expectations

We will give a thorough explanation to the family of the itinerary for the flight process and answer questions concerning your care. In some cases, we will come directly to you meet face to face prior to departure. We will also be able to chat via Skype.

4. Staying Connected

Throughout the process, we will give updates to all parties related to the transport. We will contact the sending and receiving facilities, the ground ambulance on receiving side and any family members you would like to be notified.

5. Insurance Experts

BestCare Air will file an insurance claim on behalf of the patient for any reimbursement for your medical transport.

6. Quality Assurance

We will follow up with the family, sending and receiving facility for quality assurance.

With BestCare Air, we make the process transparent and strive to reduce stress for patients, families and medical personnel by managing your entire medical transport.