Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

BestCare coordinates care for specialized medical respiratory technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Respiratory vents are available for all adult and pediatric patients and a trained air ambulance crew is able to transport ICU patients to any location, worldwide.

Key Emergency Medical Equipment


Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, the Uni-Vent Eagle™ is an engineering marvel. The EMI/RFI aero medically certified C-Pap Vent is a self-contained ventilator-compressor-blender. Its features include powerful monitors, alarms, and a graphics display.


The LTV 1200 ventilator’s ease of use and versatility helps ensure optimal patient care across clinical settings. Whether in the ICU, PICU, ED or Patient Transport, the LTV 1200 has the flexibility to adapt to changing respiratory needs.

Health Monitors

A biphasic defibrillator, monitor, and recorder. Features external pacing, Sp02, ECG with advanced monitoring and integrated information management system.

IV Pump

The high-tech IV Pump brings a new dimension to drug infusion technology. The Infusion System simplifies the delivery of complex drug regimens. The unit is very common and is compatible for air travel.

Medical Stretchers

All flights are equipped with a specially designed stretcher to insure comfortable and easy air travel. This unit is light weight, and fully self contained. Its features include a built in oxygen tank, a dual air compressors, and vacuum pump.