Medical Team

Medical Team

Best Care Air arranges and coordinates a professional and experienced medical team and crew to take care of your Air Ambulance and Emergency medical transportation.

Air Ambulance patients are always accompanied by a critical care specialist and a nurse or paramedic. We will coordinate for you a physician and qualified crew member when it is necessary for the transport.

Key Medical Staff: 


An aero trained flight Doctor is available to attend to patients whom require a higher level of care.  All type of medical condition can be addressed in the air with the flight Doctor. Flight surgeons are available for the most extreme cases.

Nurse Staff

Specially trained Nurses and Respiratory Technicians are available to support ventilator dependent patients.  This medical transport team can also provide a specialized care of BiPAP/ CiPAP Pediatric and regular ventilation services.


Aero trained Paramedics will accompany the patient to his final destination. The flight Paramedics are trained to provide emergency medical care using IV therapy, 12 lead Monitoring, Vent, Oxygen therapy, and various pain relieving medications.