Cost Savings

Cost Savings

BestCare Air understands that the cost for air ambulance transportation can be very expensive. When getting the fast, specialized care and transportation you need is vital… BestCare Air is here to help you.  We utilize the BCA Cost Savings Program to help with the cost associated with air ambulance services:

Empty Leg Flights

One of the biggest costs associated with Air Ambulance transport is the positioning of the aircraft. The longer distance the ambulance aircraft has to travel to pick up the patient, the more expensive the total medical transportation becomes.  Our BCA Cost Savings Program works to find empty leg flights first to keep the cost down by flying fewer miles to pick up the patient.

Contact BestCare Air for more information on the current availability of empty leg flights

Discount Flights

BestCare Air pledges to arrange and coordinate cost-effective world-class care for our patients. We fight hard to cut our patients’ costs without cutting corners in quality! We work directly with insurance companies to obtain pre-authorizations on behalf of the patients. By leveraging our air and ground network, we work to find the best rate available for all phases of  your domestic or international air medical transport.

Economical Flights

Turbo Prop / Twin Engine Planes can save thousands of dollars for air ambulance service. When traveling shorter distances, these planes can cover all your air ambulance needs at a fraction of the cost.

Advanced Notice Rates

If you know your patient’s medical needs and transportation dates at least 7 days in advance of the day of departure, Contact BestCare Air and get your lower “Advanced Rate” locked in.

For international travel, save thousands on your medical transportation flights by utilizing our commercial stretcher service or medical escort service (5-7 business days advanced notice).