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Proven Air Ambulance Service in Jamaica

Access to health care services varies across different individuals, groups or even countries. This is highly influenced by the economic and social conditions of the place and patient as well as the availability of medical air transport companies.

Lack of adequate health care services makes it difficult for people to get the healthcare they need and this may result in hospitalization of the patient when this could have been avoided. When they do get the care, large medical bills come with the services provided. For patients who need specialized medical care along the way to hospital, they require medical air ambulance transportation services.

BestCare Air aims to help reduce this gap and get you to the hospital on time while receiving the attention you need. Air ambulance services we arrange come with a comprehensive bed to bed service and the family of the patient may choose to accompany them to hospital.

BestCare Air arranges medical ambulance transportation services in Jamaica. In order to receive our services, give us a call and we will help you plan your next medical flight step by step. We also have a team of trained staff who will answer any questions you may have regarding what we do.

If your situation is critical a flight may be organized as soon as possible to get you to hospital before your health deteriorates. The Jamaica air ambulance service is available for access to and from Jamaica despite your location in the country. Therefore, whether you are in Jamaica for vacation or you are simply stranded, we will get you to the best medical care provider the moment you get in touch with us.

Planes we use come fitted with high-tech medical equipment that ensures the patient is comfortable during the flight and receive the medical attention they need before getting to hospital. During the flight, the family members can check on the progress of their patient or loved one through calls, emails or chats.

They can also be easily tracked using the GPS tracking tool available in our website. This will help reduce the anxiety the family may have concerning their loved one. BestCare Air offers international air ambulance transport services like the emergency flights for emergency situations. Join us today and fly there with care.

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