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Medical care is a service that is needed by all and how it is accessed depends on so many things such as its affordability to patients. Although it is a service needed by patients who make up the customers in the industry, many medical facilities fail to realize this and as a result, provide poor services.

In order to access medical services in time before a patient’s condition worsens, air ambulance services is needed. This also ensures that the patients get to recover quickly and thus do not end up paying a lot for the services.

BestCare Air focuses on providing medical air ambulance services that are efficient in order to save lives that would have otherwise been lost due to inaccessible medical services. The medical air transport we arrange is not only fast and comfy, but also safe to ensure that the patient’s condition does not deteriorate during transportation.

The air ambulance industry and the world at large recognize us as one of the best in terms of the services we provide. Kenya is one of the latest cities added to our coverage network. The Kenya air ambulance guarantees to get patients, which could be you or a loved one, to the healthcare provider preferred despite its location on the map.

It’s fully equipped with medical equipment in case a patient may need first aid services during flight. Extensively trained medical staff is always on available 24/7 to ensure that all your needs are taken care of, and that your flight is comfortable and safe. In case of an emergency like a sudden heart attack, we have an emergency flight to take care of this.

In the course of your flight, your family members and even the case managers can track your flight status and your progress by calling or emailing our flight coordinators. They can also track where your flight is by using a GPS tracking tool. BestCare Air also arranges international air ambulance services to and from anywhere in the world. For additional information please contact us today.

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