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Reliable Air Ambulance Service in Vancouver

The health care industry most often outspends all other industries in major countries, but the people living there hardly enjoy better health due to lack of emergency flight services, disparities like differences in education, social economic status, prejudice and sometimes, the environment.

Making medical services more available should be a priority as it helps reduce the levels of mortality and improve the quality of lives. BestCare Air recognizes this disparity and it aims to get you or your loved one affordable medical service, by getting you to a hospital of choice promptly.

Our medical air transport is highly recommended as we ensure you get quality services all through your flight. The mode of transport is comfortable and gets you to your desired healthcare facility in time. The plane is a better alternative to commercial flights which do not provide any medical attention to their passengers during transit.

BestCare Air  arranges and coordinates air ambulances equipped with medical equipment in case a passenger needs them. Some of the equipment may be blood transfusion equipment or oxygen providing machines. BestCare Air offers air ambulance services in Vancouver, Canada.

Each plane boasts of a team of highly trained medical experts who listen to patients’ needs and preferences to ensure that they are comfortable during the medical flight. Our commitment is to make sure that your loved one will arrive on time and safely. All you have to do to get started is call.

Our friendly coordinators are always ready to answer all questions regarding our services. They will also help you plan for a medical flight for you or your loved one. We also have flights dedicated for medical emergency services.

Our coordinators anticipate what the patient may need and this makes it easier for the family of the patient. To check on the flight status and the progress of your patient, you can email or call us and we will gladly inform you on the progress. BestCare Air proudly offers international air ambulance services throughout the world, in addition to the Vancouver air ambulance services. Join us today and you will have a rewarding experience.

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