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Reliable and Affordable Air Ambulance Service in California

Air Ambulance CaliforniaWhether you are in California for a vacation, a business trip or if you live here an you’re in need for emergency patient airlift services, you want the best provider. You need a company that you can rely on to give you a swift and reliable air ambulance Service in California.

BestCare Air has over seventeen years’ experience of helping people in medical emergencies. We have been providing air ambulance services in California, throughout the USA and all around the world for already a long time.

Whether you need interstate medical air transport or an international service, BestCare Air will provide you with a first class service. We supply only the very best in-flight medical equipment and highly trained specialist medical staff on hand throughout the flight.

For family and friends remaining on the ground, our flight co-ordinators will plan every aspect of the flight for you. We will keep you fully informed all the way. You can track the progress of the flight with our Real Time GPS Flight Tracking Tool. You can contact us 24 hours a day with any questions or for updates and reassurance.

Every one of our air ambulance aircrafts is configured to cater for specialized medical needs. We ensure the patients safety and comfort throughout the journey. All aircraft have pressurized cabins and state of the art medical equipment on board which can deliver M.I.C.U level of care.

At BestCare Air, taking care of the needs of our patients and their families comes first. We are totally committed to providing a caring, expedient air ambulance services to all of our patients in California and around the world.

Wherever you are, you can trust BestCare Air to take care of you and your loved ones in a medical emergency. For air ambulance services in California contact our offices in San Francisco or any of our other offices for more details.

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