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Medical care is one of the essential human needs and getting the best care is important to anyone’s health and well being.  Having access to the best form of medical care can be quite a challenge since there are all types of medical facilities that exist in the market.With air ambulance services, patients can reach their healthcare provider promptly, safely and hassle free irrespective of their location.

Lack of prompt access to proper medical care may put one’s life at risk and the likelihood of the person’s health deteriorating or the patient passing on early before getting treatment is high and that is where BestCare Air comes in. We focus on reducing these risks by giving you and your loved one the best medical air transport service in the world.

Our air medical ambulance services are ranked highly as our flight coordinators are trained and experienced in this area. BestCare Air provides its services based in San Antonio, Texas. We ensure that the transfer of you or your loved one is comfortable and smooth from anywhere within or around the city of San Antonio.

 Emergency flights we arrange and coordinate have a system with close medical supervision and good triage. The fleet of medical flights and ambulances come with trained medical teams on standby and are fitted with high-tech medical equipment meant to give you a first class experience throughout your flight.

We also offer international air ambulance medical services that increase our ability to reach patients despite their location across the globe. Call us today and our staff will answer any questions you may have and even guide you in planning the medical flight you might need.

We anticipate our patient’s needs and that is why our professional staff work with the case managers and families to ensure every detail of the medical flight is accounted for. At BestCare Air, we provide you convenient, safe and hassle free medical transport services whether you need a San Antonio air ambulance or global services.

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