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Quality health care services are important for one to achieve health equity and increase his or her quality of life. Access to comprehensive medical care through air ambulance services is one of the most basic human needs. Whether it’s you or your loved one in need, excellent health care will always come first.

At BestCare Air, our achievements are basically linked to our commitment to offering our patients quality medical air transport services. We strive to ensure that patients are conveniently transported to their medical facilities of choice in time and comfortably. All this can be organized in a short time frame.

We are recognized in the industry for arranging and coordinating the best medical transportation services either by air or ground transport systems. The planes we work with are exquisitely designed and fitted with high-tech medical equipments to cater for the patient’s medical needs during transit. The family members of the patient may opt to fly with their loved one, depending on their medical flight plan with us.

BestCare Air arranges and coordinates medical services in Tampa and its environs. The Air ambulance in Tampa comes equipped with qualified medical staff who will listen to you and your loved one’s preference to ensure they get to their desired healthcare facility in time. We aim to get you to hospital promptly and hassle free.

Our air flight services for emergencies are also available to be accessed in case the patient is in a serious state. We also have an online GPS tracking tool that your family members and case manager can use to check on the flight status and its progress. One may also inquire about the condition of the patient through calls, emails or even chats.

Best care ensures that we follow up with the case manager and family to make sure that everything goes according to plan.  BestCare Air also offers international air ambulance and emergency flight services. Contact us today and fly there with care.

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