What can I do to prepare for Medical Air Transport?

There are 3 main parties involved in most medical air transports: Patients/Family, Case Managers and BestCare Air.

As a patient or family member preparing for air ambulance transfer, it is important that we work together to prepare the following information and items:

  1. Transfer Info:  We will determine your date & time of travel and the name of destination and receiving physician or family member
  2. Identification:  We need to secure patient’s Government issued ID or passport/travel documents (if traveling international)
  3. Medication: Let us know about all of the patient’s necessary prescriptions or over-the-counter medications.
  4. DNR:  If applicable, please provide a Prepared Out-of-Hospital DNR form.
  5. Luggage: Please pack and prepare the patient’s luggage and traveling necessities.


Your Medical Case Manager will:

  1. Deliver all of your medical & physical history, list of medicine and necessary equipment to BestCare Air
  2. Help with filling your prescription medications
  3. Help with obtaining an Out-of-Hospital DNR (if applicable)
  4. Help with preparing the Memorandum of Transfer


BestCare Air will provide:

  1. Full medical ground & flight team will be arranged and coordinated with necessary medical equipment
  2. Bed-to-Bed coordination of ground & air ambulance transportation from origin to destination
  3. Coordination of your family members, case managers and hospital at origin & destination
  4. Help with filing your Insurance Claim with medical documentation
  5. Reimbursement for insurance payments (if applicable)

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