What do Medical Escorts Do?

Medical escorts are highly trained physicians, paramedics and nurses. They are on call twenty four hours a day to travel remote areas on a moment’s notice in order to provide urgent or emergency medical aid. Whether individuals are hundreds or thousands of miles from quality hospital care, medical escorts can provide on-site treatment including defibrillation, ventilation and trauma assessment.

Most importantly, when time is the most critical factor, they can continue care on an air ambulance. Air lifts ensure that the patient is transferred from a remote area to hospital or medical center, often within a matter of minutes. In less serious cases, patients may be transferred on commercial airlines with the support of a medical escort. Usually, the airline will allow the individual to travel on a row of economy seats or in first class for comfort.

However, individuals in need of intensive care and monitoring are generally transferred by air ambulances or helicopters.

The Option of Going Home

One of the key benefits of air ambulance services with medical escort staff is that ill or injured individuals may have the option of returning to their home country for treatment. Once the patient’s condition has stabilized,medical escorts can continue providing care even during an extended flight home. This allows the individual to receive the hospital care of their choice, in familiar surroundings in their first language and with the support of friends and family.

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