What is a Medevac?

Medevac, a short form for Medical Evacuation, involves the use of specially equipped aircraft to provide care and transportation to critically ill patients. Air ambulances are often dispatched to scenes of serious accidents, natural disasters or even war zones to assist with casualties. They offer on-site medical care when traditional ground ambulances are not possible or practical. Most often, medevac services are used for inter-facility transfer of critical patients from one medical center to another or on the scene assessment, stabilization and airlift.

How does Medevac work?

Using fixed-wing air ambulances, ranging in size from single-engine turbo prop planes to Leer jets to Gulfstreams, are dispatched according to the needs of the patient. Compared to rotor wing aircraft, fixed wing planes offer the benefits of flying higher, faster and farther. Medevac air ambulances are staffed with a specialized team of health care providers. The teams may be comprised of Critical Care nurses, Paramedics, Respiratory Therapists, Physicians and Specialists. Air lifts are most often used in cases of: ” Trauma, especially spinal or neurological ” Severe burns ” Neonatal infants ” High risk patient transfer ” Cardiac arrests, heart attack and strokes ” Organ procurement Air ambulances used for Medevac services are able to offer care that is comparable to a mobile intensive care unit. Medical teams are able to provide C-pap and Bi-pap ventilation and other life support as necessary.

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