What is a Medflight?

Medflight ambulances are staffed with teams that may include: ” Pediatricians ” In-flight surgeons ” Paramedics ” Intensive Care Nurses ” Internal Medicine Specialists ” Organ transplantation teams ” Respiratory Therapists While the pilot and flight crew are never distracted from the flight deck to assist in caring for a patient, the rest of the staff work together to make sure that the patient remains stable.

As necessary, they are equipped provide CPR, ventilation, or other life support measures. While there is no single standard as to what type of aircraft is used, medflights are usually performed in fixed wing aircraft. They vary in size from small, single engine turboprops to large Gulfstream jets and helicopters. The aircraft to be dispatched is selected according to availability, the geographic location of the transfer or the distance to be covered by the medflight. Whatever type of aircraft is used, you can be sure it has been selected for its fast, versatile performance during emergencies and safe track record in being used in thousands of critical situations. Medflight care is on the rise: With tourists heading further and further afield, there is no wonder that the services provided medflight care are in more demand than ever before. Advanced medical techniques also allow in-flight medical teams to provided specialized care for immediate stabilization. The added benefit of safe and efficient transfer to a hospital or medical center means that many more patients can be saved than by means of traditional ground ambulance transfer.

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