The BestCare Commitment

Best Care Air arranges and coordinates emergency Air Ambulance services and medical flights to quickly transport patients of any condition to hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide.

BestCare Commitment

For case managers, clients and family members, our BestCare Commitment ensures that all medical transportation patients will arrive at their destination safely and on-time in the most caring, hassle-free way possible.

Our 3-Part service commitment ensures that BestCare Air is with you every step of the way.


1) BestCare: Before the Flight

The Best Care Commitment goes into effect as soon as you call. Our experienced, friendly flight coordinators answer your questions and guide you through each step of planning the medical flight.

Our professional staff makes it easier for Case Managers and Families by anticipating patient needs while coordinating every detail of the flight to prepare for a safe and hassle free bed-to-bed medical transfer.


2) BestCare: During The Flight

The Best Care Commitment assures that your patients are flying in good hands. We coordinate your care with a medical flight staff that listens to patient preferences to ensure a comfortable, seamless transition from ground transportation to air transportation for full bed-to-bed medical transfer.

During the transport, our flight coordinators are always on standby (24-Hours a Day)  via phone, email or chat for questions or flight status updates.  Case Managers and Family Members use our Real Time GPS Flight Tracking Tool to track their patient’s flight and stay informed every step of the way.


3) BestCare: After The Flight

The BestCare Commitment ensures that our Flight Coordinators follow Up with the Case Manager, patient, and family to make sure everything went according to plan. Our in-house billing department serves as your personal financial advocate in navigating the entire insurance claim approval process.

BestCare Air works directly with insurance companies to help verify insurance benefits and obtain all necessary pre-authorizations for the coverage of medical transfer expenses. When necessary, our Legal Team serves as the patient’s legal advocate to vigorously address and appeal any insurance benefit issues.


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