Long Distance Ground Transportation

Long Distance Ground

BestCare Air can connect patients, caretakers and case managers with long distance medical ground and air transport anywhere in the continental U.S.

Throughout the BestCare Network, we can connect our patients with ground transport for Doctor Visits, Dialysis Transportation, Wheelchair Transportation and Minibus Transportation.

Dialysis Transportation

Most people with kidney failure use ground transportation for dialysis appointments three times a week. BestCare Air can arrange safe and direct transportation service to our clients.  We understand that dialysis transportation to and from appointments is necessary for some of our patients. Staying proactive by scheduling all of our dialysis transportation dates a month in advance helps insure travel arrangements.  This also guarantees timing priority for our scheduled dialysis patients.

Van & Bus Transportation

BestCare provides services for patients who require specialized wheelchair and motorized unit transportation. We can also arrange accommodations to meet your field trip and large group transport concerns.  At BestCare, we work to get you to your destination safely and on time, while keeping your costs at an expected level.